Dismissing employees

Dismissing employees can be one of the most worrying and anxiety inducing issues you have to experience, when you are managing people. As business owners we all know that employing people comes with its risks, but there isn’t much that is riskier than dismissing someone that has over 24 months’ service and potentially doing it unfairly.

I have known many businesses that have been forced to close their business because they have made the decision to dismiss someone and that individual complains to an employment tribunal. The business has then lost the case at the employment tribunal. Unfair dismissal cases can cost the employer up to £80,541 (correct at the date of publishing). Can you afford this level of mistake?

I have 100% success rate with all my clients. Not one of my client’s dismissal cases have lead to an employment tribunal claim, nor have any of my cases when I was working as a HR professional in-house with employers.

Don’t make any mistakes when dismissing someone, follow the guidance on my ‘Frequently Asked Questions: Dismissing Employees’:


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