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What financial benefits could an employer provide?

Bonuses/commission, health care, dental care, pension contributions, additional annual leave, occupational sick pay and maternity/adoption pay schemes, childcare, fitness plans, compassionate leave etc

What is the benefit for an employer providing financial benefits for their employees?

Like or not, we are in the business of competing for a high calibre of employee when we recruit. Of course the employee needs to fall in love with the business and job when they come for the interview, but you need to attract them to begin with. If your employer offering is too low in comparison to competitors, that may be what prevents an applicant from applying for the job as well as accepting an offer when it’s on the table. A high percentage of employees leave organisations too because their ‘package’ (salary and benefits) no longer meets their criteria.

Employee’s needs and desires change over time, so ideally you want to be looking at ways to keep them engaged with their current package as well as new financial and non-financial packages.

Compulsory benefits:

When you’re a start-up you’re not always in a position to provide the ‘nice to have’ financial benefits. This is something that can be visited at a later date, however, it is always worth knowing what employee package your competitors offer in case you have to visit this earlier than anticipated when you are finding it difficult to attract a high calibre of individuals.

However, you cannot avoid providing the minimum benefits under employment law, which must be at least: statutory sick and maternity/adoption pay, 20 days annual leave, automatic workplace pension etc. In order to meet the minimum criteria, it is worth discussing with your HR Consultant, as well as get them to help you draft your employee contracts of employment to ensure they are all considered.

Other non-financial benefits:

There are many other ways to improve staff morale, such as improving working conditions (ie desks, flooring, lighting, painted walls, computers etc), but also there are non-financial benefits. Please contact me if you want to find out about non-financial benefits:

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