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An Employee Handbook:

An employee handbook is a paper-based or digital book of  a compilation of HR policies, procedures, working conditions and behavioural expectations that will guide employees actions whilst they are in the workplace.

Generally a handbook would also include a welcome note, introduction to your colleagues and company, company’s mission, visions, values and strategic goals and any confidentiality agreements.

They also summarise expectations for attendance, sickness, time off (dependent, annual, maternity leave), the use of company property, and anything else an employee needs to know.

Employee handbooks are used to provide a consistent set of policies and procedures, so fairness can be applied.

If an employee handbook is well written, employees always know what is expected of them, the will also understand what is important to the business and have the understanding that other colleagues will be treated the same. Some employees like seeing their benefits and rights laid down, it can be reassuring.

HR Policies:

Some employers have such a large volume of policies and therefore it is no longer practical to have them in the form of a handbook and therefore each policy is a stand-alone policy and may be stored on a shared drive in digital form accessible to all staff. These policies would have usually have been written by a HR professional and need to be kept up to date as employment law and business practices change from time to time. Not having a HR policy in place to deal with workplace issues, such as an expenses policy, makes it very hard for the employer to defend a claim that the employee is acting against a policy.

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