Employment contract

Employment Contracts / Written Statement of Main Terms and Conditions of Employment / Contracts of Employment:

An employment contract protects the employer and regulates, the behaviours of the employee and the terms of the employment between the employee and the employer. This is vitally important because all company policies, as well as an employer’s disciplinary code, should form part of the contract of employment.

Very often when companies are starting out the employment contract gets forgotten about. Under UK employment law, an employer is required to issue an employment contract within 2 months of the employee starting their employment. Employees that continue to work for the employer  without a contract have entered into a verbal or implied contract, which is still legally binding, however more difficult to prove, adhere and make changes to. To be on the safe side, get legally binded written contracts from a HR Consultant.

Contracts exist for part time, full time, permanent, temporary, zero hours, seasonal, fixed term and casual employment.

Written contracts must also be legally compliant and hold the following information:

Names of parties, hours of work, pay, holiday, sick pay, disciplinary and grievance policies, terms surrounding confidentiality, outside work activities etc.

Changes To Terms and Conditions of Employment

Once an employment contract is put in place, it is possible to make changes to them, however, you may have to follow due process. Check out this video for more information on how to change terms and conditions:

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