Employment law updates.jpgAs a business owner you will have many pieces of legislation to comply to, health and safety, sales of goods etc. If you are employing people the chances are you are also going to be concerned that you are being compliant with employment legislation. Very often, employment legislation (employment law) will change twice in one year, sometimes less. It’s very difficult for you to know what has changed.

Why do you need to know what has changed? – It’s to enable you to change your practices or HR documents, so that you remain compliant. Usually you will be given notice of the changes, in advance, by your HR Consultant.

What if I don’t know about the changes and have not made the required changes in the business? – It could mean that you fall foul of employment law, putting you in a difficult position to defend should you be required to go to an Employment Tribunal. Changes to employment law, could be something simple like national minimum wage, or the minimum working hours for a particular age group. Or it could be something more complex like maternity rights or flexible working requests.

What risks would I be taking if I did not comply to employment law? – The risks are usually financial and reputational. If they are financial, then a claim at an Employment Tribunal that you may have to pay the aggrieved employee could be in the tens of thousands. I have known employers to close their business because of something they did in the workplace involving an employee and they lost an Employment Tribunal case. Please note, this is not a case I supported. If an employee is aggrieved then they could damage your reputation in the marketplace. But this could also cause a problem for your employer branding and ability to attract good calibre candidates.

What updates would I get from a HR Consultant? – HR Consultants may update you by regular newsletters, perhaps through a resource centre, email notifications, or in person. Updates could be for your employment contracts and employee handbooks/HR policies or regarding best practices, and if you are on a retained contract, these may automatically be done for you. Either way, you won’t be let down by your HR Consultant if you pay a retained contract fee. That is their responsibility to update you.

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