encharged-clipart-happy-employeeHR Made Simple. Dealing with employee issues and staying the right side of employment law does not need to be complex. It’s just a case of initially having the time to spend with a HR Consultant helping them to understand your business, your current and potential future issues, business constraints etc. Once they have this level of understanding then can guide you how easy it can be to employ people. They can also take over your role in many ways, undertaking difficult conversations for you, following up with letters and getting on top of the issues and following through with processes. All of this can be done with sometimes little contribution from the business owner, once the HR processes are established and the management team are willing.

I believe it’s important to get to know as many people in my clients organisations as I can. That way I get to understand the work they do, how they do it and why they do it. This will help me to make better informed decisions.

My clients will tell you that I am not a HR Consultant that dresses in a power suit and rules with an iron rod. I work with the business owners and management usually without the employees knowing about it. I then help them to make the necessary changes and then we begin to work with the employees. I feel it’s important for employees to see me as the support they may need one day and therefore spend as much time with the workforce as I can when I first take on a new client.