This is such an exciting week for us at the Specialised HR Solutions office. Just a few days to go before Christmas and we are featured in not only the Vegeconomist vegan magazine, but also top news with Plant Based News yesterday. and

The hype around this new brand is amazing. We’re in an ever-changing world. Vegans are now realising that they don’t have to work in an environment that isn’t vegan inclusive or working with a bunch of meat-eaters talking about what animal will end up on their plate at Christmas lunch. Vegan businesses can safely now employ vegans if there is a genuine occupational requirement to do so and it is lawful now.

Our business plan is purely this. We hope to see a significant increase in the amount of vegans getting opportunities to work in vegan businesses and we have the knowledge that we have helped this happen. Vegan businesses love employing vegans, as we fight the cause together, but not only that, when we pay our staff their wages, we know that that money is going to go back in to paying for more vegan products and services. We keep the movement going.

Get in contact if you’re thinking about employing vegans only to make sure you do it lawfully.

By Tania De Bruler, HR Consultant | 01905 317537 | |