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The most valuable asset in your business is your people. Without them, your business or charity may not even exist. HR software makes managing your people so simple. It saves you time and helps you keep everything up to date, ensuring your are left to focus on your business.

If you have more than a couple of employees, you may find staying on top of even the most basic of employee information is hard work, with printing things out, getting signatures, filing it away and then having to scan it to share it.

Managing your HR online will give you access to all your staff documentation: an annual leave planner; and appraisals/performance management; accessible wherever you are working from. Just think, how long does it actually take to approve someone’s annual leave request? You have to dig out the annual leave form, get a manager to approve it, enter the information on to a calendar and know how much holiday is still remaining. With having HR software, you will no longer need to set up an annual calendar every year. Imagine that?

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We have been recommending online HR software to business owners, managers, SME’s and charities for over 20 years. We are partnered with BreatheHR software and can highly recommend them. It’s simple to install; automates many of the tasks that take up so much time; is GDPR compliant; provides information at a glance; monitors sickness and absence levels and is very easy for employees and managers to use. And the best part it’s very cost effective. If you have less than 10 employees, it’s as little as £10/month. Charities receive a lifetime discount of 50%. Therefore, a charity can pay from £5/month and the software will save hours of lots time per week. Find out more HERE.

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