Specialised Investigations Solutions is part of Specialised HR Solutions, a UK-based HR Consultancy, founded by Tania De Bruler in 2013.

Tania and her team of HR professionals have a wealth of experience of working at HR management and partner level across a range of sectors for over 20 years.

Specialised Investigations and HR Solutions work hand in hand together. Specialised HR Solutions ensures that businesses and charities are firstly equipped with compliant HR policies and procedures. They are also supported by a highly experienced and professional team of investigators, if the need arises to deal with difficult workplace issues or safeguarding concerns.

Specialised Investigation Solutions work with small to large scale enterprises, who provide support and services to vulnerable adults and young children, such as schools, education centres, care homes, hospitals, children centres, day care centres, medical centres, nurseries/kindergartens, community projects, charities and aid groups.

A meeting around a table with Tania, the owner of Specialised HR, a vegan and sustainable hr consultancy services provider.
Photos of Tania, the owner of Specialised HR, a vegan and sustainable hr consultancy services provider.

We have been investigating issues in the and workplace for over 20 years. It’s been an incredible journey and very insightful. We have investigated issues involving the most junior and senior of individuals in businesses, charities and public sector organisations. Some investigations have involved some highly influential people and the most sensitive and confidential of issues. If you want the fairest result, you need to appoint the best to investigate.

What is an investigation?

It’s an opportunity to carry out fact-finding activity to obtain the required information on an issue.
For an employer to fully consider the issue and then make a decision at a disciplinary hearing, the employer needs to have conducted the investigation thoroughly ensuring that all information available is assessed and considered.
Should an employer fail to carry out a thorough investigation before making a decision, it could be seen as unfair and subsequently the employer could be liable if there was an employment tribunal claim.

How will the investigator handle the investigation?

The investigator will be fully independent and impartial and will consider all facts available, whilst reviewing supporting evidence and any information which is contradictory.
They will contact all parties involved and provide them with clear guidance on the process. They will also carry out interviews with witnesses and the potential perpetrator.
For potential disciplinary purposes, the investigator will investigate if there is a case to answer at a disciplinary hearing.

What should employers look for when appointing investigators?

When appointing investigators, the business needs to ensure that they are experienced in dealing with sensitive and complex HR issues. Investigators need to be familiar with ACAS guidance on investigations as a minimum. It’s essential for the investigator to have a good level of understanding of the sector and the job roles involved in the investigation including any legal requirements or restrictions.

What is the role of an investigator?

An investigator will remain fair and impartial throughout the whole process. They will obtain all evidence they feel is relevant, including collating documents, reviewing records, taking witness statements as well as interviewing the alleged perpetrator.
They will seek to establish sufficient evidence in order for the business to make a decision when it’s a disciplinary matter and whether or not there is a case to answer at a disciplinary hearing.

When is it necessary to appoint an external investigator?

  • When the allegations are so serious that they involve a member of senior management (including directors) and are of a sexual nature or other serious misconduct;
  • When an investigation may uncover issues that are sensitive, relating to practices and provides and culture/backgrounds, as your internal investigator may not have the level of experience to uncover thus;
  • If it is likely the investigation is so sensitive that it becomes a PR issue and potential damage could be done to the businesses reputation, you may need to demonstrate the issue has been taken seriously and you are doing everything you can to resolve the issue;
  • If you think the issue if after investigated could result in high level legal action, an impartial and thorough investigation will prove the business has integrity will help with the defence of any potential claim
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