Dismissing employees

I previously worked with a medium sized catering and kitchen equipment company.

A member of call centre team was breaching Data Protection legislation. Several customers had complained about the level of unprofessionalism demonstrated by the employee. He had already received informal warnings and his performance remain unchanged. The business was at risk of the breach in Data Protection and the situation could not be sustained.

I met with the Mangers of the call centre function and gained insight into the problem.

I explained:

  • the employment law in relation to contractual issues, support, coaching, policy and processes
  • the potential risks such as unfair dismissal or discrimination claims
  • the recommended route for resolution of the situation

The Result:

A disciplinary meeting was held. The employee was fairly dismissed. The call centre was able to replace his post and continue to provide the level of service necessary to maintain great relationships with their customers. The company has since expanded and I have provided support and guidance for the expansion.

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