VEgan icrecream

Are the temperatures during summer months causing your employees to feel uncomfortable? How can you help them?

Employer’s are only required to make sure the workplace temperature is a ‘reasonable’ temperature, there is no statutory upper limit for the temperature. The Health and Safety Executive mainly have concerns where temperatures in the workplace make the job too difficult and unsafe to work in, ie manufacturing plants where excessive temperatures are already high; and appropriate controls are to be put in place

What can you do to support your employees?

  • provide additional breaks
  • allow workers to change their working patterns, ie starting earlier, finishing earlier
  • allow open-toed foot ware and shorts
  • introduce incentives to keep moral up – employee of the week, bring you pet to work day, competitions etc
  • supply cold water and iced refreshments, lollies or ice-creams
  • consider the option of allowing employees to work from home

There are a lot of benefits for employees working from home. However, its not always practical for your workforce to not be in the workplace. Consider giving priority to pregnant or the elderly workers first.

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