Ideal candidateYour employees are the face of your business. When it is your first employee, it is not only the face, but it’s all your trust and emotions going into this one person who could potentially make or break your business. They are what will set your business culture and they are the new face that the customers will see. If that individual’s recruitment has not gone well, they may not stay and you have wasted all that time on recruitment and training. Your desire and motivation for getting a replacement won’t necessarily be where it was the first time around and this could impact on your ability to find the right calibre of employee.

How can a HR Consultant help you find the right employee? – They are usually experts in recruitment. Often having worked on the frontline recruiting in-house before becoming a HR Consultant. They are also experienced and know the pitfalls in the recruitment process. They can ensure your recruitment advert is effective and well-placed in the labour market as well as re-write your job descriptions. They will also guide you through the process of GDPR when it comes to individuals applying for vacancies and retaining records. In addition they can support you by reviewing applications, contacting candidates, arranging and attending interviews, as well as carrying out the HR paperwork to appoint. Ensuring that your recruitment process is as streamlined and efficient as possible, leaving you to sit back and wait for your ideal candidate to stroll through the door, whilst preserving your reputation as a good employer.