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Putting together the Person Specification enables the employer to profile the ideal person to fill the job.

It is important that the skills, experience and knowledge included are absolutely relevant to the needs of the job. It can be tempting when creating the “ideal person” spec to inflate these requirements. This then runs the risk that someone may be employed on the basis of false hopes and aspirations; resulting in unhappiness/ frustration for both employer and employee.
Another good reason not to set unnecessary requirements is to avoid any possibility of discrimination against particular groups of potential applicants; fairness and equality are paramount.

Key areas to focus on in the Person Specification include:-

skills and knowledge,necessary experience, competence level, education & training, personal qualities and circumstances.

Any criteria which is essential must be directly related to the job and must be applied equally to all groups irrespective of age, sex, race, age, nationality, religion, belief or disability.

Remember before embarking upon any piece of recruitment, firstly define your need, evaluate the job description and put together a person specification. It will assist with the correct focus within the recruitment process and save both time and money; hopefully resulting in a successful long term hire to the business.