Taking the step from being a one-man band to becoming an employer is a huge emotional upheaval. It’s not a decision you should take lightly. Recruiting for an employee and preparing for being an employer should not be rushed. If rushed, you could miss something. Therefore it is best to find a HR Consultant to help you that is either already working with small businesses or has experience of working with them. You will be reassured that they understand every aspect of your business: sales, marketing, finance, distribution, online presence, HR, health and safety, technology, growth and much more.SmallBusiness focus

I have considerable experience of working with employers that are small, sometimes with just one or two employees and working with the larger small employers too. My experience has been from an manager all the way through to HR, in smaller businesses and larger businesses.

I keep myself up to date with what is happening in smaller businesses, any legislation that may impact as well as recent case law which could be relevant.

Small business owners and charities need expert HR support in order to survive. Small claims through Employment Tribunals can impact on the profitability of the company and it may not survive.

I am a member of many small business federations. I network with small business owners as well as host a monthly network event Birmingham for the Vegan Business Exchange network.

Call Tania De Bruler, HR Consultant: 01905317537 or email: hello@specialisedhr.co.uk to find out how I can help your business.