It’s a tough game out there. We fight so hard to get a job or find the ideal job – don’t we? And as time passes, the job that you dreamed of just doesn’t come to you for whatever reason. So, often you just settle for a close alternative. The first few weeks wiz by as you are learning the ropes. Then you settle in to the role, establish your relationships and things start to become easier. The job that seemed difficult at first no longer is. The job that appealed at first, no longer does. Finally, things about your employer start to niggle away at you. You then become so unhappy at work that it starts to impact on your personal life as well as your work life. You become stressed and your productivity levels take a nose dive and you no longer want to get up on a Monday for work.

How can employer prevent this from the beginning?

It’s quite simple. The employer has as duty to ensure that they are recruiting the right person into the role. They have the duty because the wrong person in the role directly impacts on that person’s well-being as well as on their colleagues and the business as a whole. An employer should strive to question a person’s motive for the role, if they are happy with the package etc all at interview stage. If a person is motivated by money then you will know this early on with the right questions.

An employer should ideally be finding out how the person is getting on their role, by carrying out regular 1:2:1s’, regular reviews and even employee satisfaction surveys. It’s also important to ensure that employee’s do understand their job role and are given an up to date job description. It’s really important to invest time with an individual that is leaving, and carry out an exit interview to get a good understanding of why they are leaving their post. If it’s salary related, you may wish to carry out a small review of your job roles in the marketplace so that you can make necessary changes.

If this sounds like a problem you have and staff retention levels are an issue, I have proven track record of getting employers down from 100% staff turnover to 0%. I can also help with job description review, salary reviews and pay structure implementation:

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