performance reviews

What is a Performance Review?

Performance reviews give managers and colleagues the opportunity to sit down and discuss the individual’s performance in their role in a more organised (formal) environment. Giving both sides the opportunity to discuss what is going well, what isn’t going well and agree actions and development. Cover any objectives and discuss feedback (from peers/clients).

How do individual’s feel about Performance Reviews?

  • Helps them towards feeling more valued
  • Keeps them on track – with personal and business objectives
  • Helps them to understand what is expected of them
  • Demonstrates a fair and consistent approach by the manager
  • Builds a stronger relationship between manager and individual

How often?

Performance reviews are usually carried out every 6 months.

1:2:1’s are carried out on an ad-hoc or weekly/monthly basis, this ensures that individuals and managers are on track with achieving objectives and tasks. The outcome of these, do form part of the performance review.


In preparation for the performance review, both the manager and individual will gather up evidence of work, including the 1:2:1’s.  Both manager and individual will take it in turns completing the performance review form.

The PDR template can be found on the HR (Public) folder, under ‘Managing Performance’.

9 – Step Process

Step 1: OBJECTIVES – Line Manager is given their objectives by their manager

Step 2: OBJECTIVES – Line Manager discusses the line manager’s objectives with the individual

Step 3: OBJECTIVES – Individual drafts their own objectives

Step 4: COMPLETION OF FORM – Individual completes their draft performance development review form – within one week

Step 5: THE MEETING – 

  1. a) A meeting is held between the line manager and individual – to discuss the individuals completed form and ensure that the objectives are in line with the managers and business objectives.
  2. b) The meeting is also an opportunity to discuss any ‘personal objectives/development needs’
  3. c) Agree any changes at the meeting

Step 6: FINAL DRAFT – Individual makes the changes and submits to their manager within two days

Step 7: FINAL MEETING – Manager and individual to sign off performance development review form

Step 8: RECORDS – Manager and individual to keep a copy of the PDR final PDR form and manager to send a copy to HR (or file it away in their digital file)

STEP 9: REVIEW MEETING – Agree a date for the next review meeting, 6 months form the first meeting

What happens if my direct report does not complete their PDR within the required timescales?

In the first instance, you should discuss this with the individual and establish the reason for this. Giving them extra support for completion. That could be simple like booking out a room for them to use, or putting time in their diary. The individual does need to have accountability for their time management and if they are still not able to complete the PDR after the support has been given, then it’s likely there is an underlying cause. This should be addressed before taking any formal action. Always discuss the concerns with your line manager and HR if needed. Be mindful this is a performance issue in itself.

What if the manager and individual do not agree with the objectives, performance or other issues outlined in the PDR and you have reached a stale-mate?

If the manager have already met several times and no agreement has been met, it is recommended to involve the manager’s line manager and have an informal discussion about agreeing the PDR content. The senior line manager’s decision will be final.

Review dates

Ideally a review date for the next period should be set at the current review meeting and the manager should ensure that have blocked out their diary so they have time to review the PDR’s and the meetings can take place.

Regular and on-going reviews

It’s very important not to leave any performance issues until the next review. Instead address them in the 1:2:1’s or when they come up. Issues left unresolved become larger problems which is no good to anyone.

Carrying out performance reviews effectively will help the individual feel more valued and motivated, and have a positive impact on staff retention in your business.

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