Despairing mature man, his head in his hands, looks down

We’ve all had that experience of working with someone that just ruins our day. What can we do about it?

As a colleague: You could try and help them see things differently, creating a positive environment for them to be around may help. But if that doesn’t work, talk it over with your manager (or their manager if it’s your manager that’s negative). Your manager may have techniques that can help with particular issues. 
Ultimately the negativity can lead to a hostile working environment and your manager has a duty of care to ensure this doesn’t happen. Trust your manager to fix the problem!

As a manager: if it’s someone your managing then it can easily be remedied. But if left alone the issue can get worse for all individuals and of course bad for business.
Techniques: try talking to the individual, explain there is a concern, help them to change, set expected levels, give them time to change and always feedback to them. Don’t forget to praise when they are doing well. If all of that fails, your only option left could be to address the issue formally. A large percentage of individuals do change at that point so could be worth pursuing.

Do you know how to deal with it when it’s a member in another team? Or a Senior Manager?

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