Workplace pension

I previously supported the implementation of a workplace pension scheme at a large independent school, providing education and boarding for 4-18 year olds (boys/girls).

The Problem:

The school already provided a Teacher’s Pension Scheme to the teaching staff but had no pension provision for support staff.

The school had a matter of a few months before their staging date for pension auto enrolment and the small HR team lacked the capacity to implement the scheme.

The Bursar of the school was aware that the school had left it to the late stages to look into available pension schemes and therefore there were few options of schemes left to choose from in the short time frame.


  • discussed with governors and directors what the staging dates meant and explained the possible risks should the deadline be missed.
  • identified individuals that were already contributing to a scheme and those that weren’t
  • identified various pension schemes that could support the school
  • together we selected an adequate pension scheme
  • facilitated drop-in surgeries and provided communications
  • produced opt in and out forms
  • set up individuals through payroll and with self-managed accounts

The Result

The school met its staging date and provided a scheme that was suitable under pension provisions. All employees have access to a workplace pension now, which they can opt in and out of every 12 months.

Every employer that employees more than one employee must have a workplace pension. It’s no longer an option for the employer not to have one. This is one of the costs you need to bear in mind  when taking on employees. Please contact me if you want any advice on how to do this: Tania De Bruler, Tel: 01905 317537 / Email: