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I previously supported a safeguarding investigation with a charity that provided elderly day care centre services to the Asian community.

The Problem:

They were forced to suspend an employee following a report in the media about an employee. Their funding from the local council was suspended, pending an investigation into the matter and for the charity to then meet the minimum standards required; all within an extremely tight timeframe.

I initially met with the Mangers of the centre function to get a good understanding of the issues they were facing


  • how to suspend the individual fairly and limit risk of exposure for the centre
  • the investigation process, how to reduce risks during the process
  • the potential risks such as unfair dismissal or discrimination claims.
  • the recommended route for resolution


I carried out the safeguarding investigation, interviewed individuals, gained evidence and concluded with a detailed investigation report, in line with the Council’s requirements

Drafted HR policies and practices, to help limit the situation re-occurring

Provided written communications, email & telephone support and chaired the meetings

The Result:

A disciplinary meeting was held. The matter was fully resolved with the individual receiving a warning. Funding from the council retained, restoring the centre’s reputation in the community.

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