Coffee shop worker

Well, your business success is based on two things initially

1) reputation in the marketplace and

2) ability to retain staff (paid or unpaid)

Why do volunteers not work out? The novelty can wear off. But they also see you making money and start to wonder why aren’t they getting paid instead of having free food in exchange of services. Your customers begin to wonder if there is something wrong with your business as they never see the same person twice and the standard of service is dropping.

Volunteers need to be fans of your business and shout about you from the rooftops, if they are unhappy, over worked or not valued, then they could damage your business with what they say. They ultimately set the culture for your business and the dynamics.

The answer – employ just the one person. Give them a temporary contract and have the belief that they will be the face of your business and your culture will be set. Invest in them and they can even run your business for you. Your customers will keep returning and soon enough you will be the employer of choice.

Setting your business up to take on a new employee does not have to cost the earth, it can cost as little as £100/month to have a contract with a HR Consultancy that will do it all for you and then support you to manage them ongoing if you’re new to it or don’t want the burden. They can help you right the job descriptions to find your ‘ideal candidate’ which technically speaking is a mirror image of you.

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